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ARRI Alexa and Sony Snap Plate, Fits to all V-Mount cameras


Dovetail with noses for motor rods on both ends.

This plate is custom made, and I cant replay for what special use this plate may be

Short light camera plate with Rubber inlets and for ARRI cameras with pin. Motor rod distance 60mm. 190g (0,4 pounds)

Short Strong 3 row's plate, Motor rod distance 50mm, For ARRI Cameras with safety pin. 200g (0,45 pounds)

Sorry no link to my shop, but still available

Long light / Video Dovetail plate, Rubber inlets perform a safe connection between Video camera brackets and dovetail, Motor rod distance 50mm, 240g (0,5 pounds)

Strong 3 row dovetail plate, This plate would be my favorite plate if I where a steadicam OP. Motor rod distance 50mm, 280g (0,58 pounds). The plate allows to mount a camera with weights out of the center (ARRI 416) 22mm to the left, so we save the range of your side to side plate. the strong layout avoid vibrations by long lenses.

EFP Style!

For all out there flying a good old EFP or 3A or an old Chrosziel, old MK-V side to side. We can equip all our plates with the Iron Heavy duty, dynamic balance killing, gear track under knees, and of course with the safety milling. if you remove the gear track after several years of sickness, you can use the plate on all other Stabilising systems, and be proud of an extra light plate.


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