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The shoulder belt is fixed with the chest plate, this gives a good performance and the vest dit not move. Our vest has no plastic straps expecting the buckles, so there will be no voices coming up.


2" Titanium Post 

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No Matter 1,2,3,Battery and or with an Hard disk recorder powered from the stabilising system, only one cable to run the Hard disk recorder with Power and BNC

The Hard Disc plug is an extra

12 and 24V

12V can be served from one battery for the whole system, or with 2 battery, one for the camera, and the other for Monitor, focus control, hard disk , Modulus etc.


Our System is available with Anton Bauer, or Sony V-Mount battery plates.

The Camera Stabiliser comes in an Peli case 1650, with docking braked, 3 battery mounts, monitor arm, extra plate for hard disc recorder, 2 dovetails, 3 motor rods, tools to handle the system, 2 BNC and 2 XLR 4 pin 12V cables, spare screws, special tool to service the gimbal, Focus braked, and 3 years warranty.















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